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13 January 2017

Places You have to See Along DC’s Northern Bridges

We are able to travel between Arlington and Washington, DC using some well-known bridges. From a small historic bridge, a high-traffic bridge and to the oldest surviving bridge, they are beautiful works of architecture that connect the city to its neighbors.

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12 January 2017

Why You Should Prepare for Spring Now If You Have Commercial Office Tenants

If you’re looking to incorporate more sustainability and wellness initiatives for commercial office tenants, now is the time to start planning. Spring is a great time to promote and encourage all kinds of “green” and healthy programs, especially with Earth Day, National Walking Day and Bike to Work Day occurring in April and May.  

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9 January 2017

Upcoming Events for January 2017 | ATP Connect

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9 January 2017

Office Open on Inauguration Day? Try Telework

The upcoming Inauguration will make commuting on January 20 a nightmare. When it comes to avoiding awful transportation situations, telework is the best option for you or your employees. Having a telework policy in advance of events like the Inauguration can help reduce stress and save a lot of headaches.

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6 January 2017

How to Get to the Inauguration via Transit

Consider walking instead of transit. We promise it’s a good idea!

If you haven’t already read our blog on the benefits and tips for walking to the Inauguration, please check out our previous post. We know it sounds crazy, but walking (especially when the event is over) is going to be faster than any other transportation mode. Walking a mile at a relatively slow pace only takes about 20 minutes, so crossing into Arlington will take less than an hour by foot. You could be waiting twice that amount of time just to get into a Metro Station. Once you have traveled a mile or two away from the event, transit will become far more reliable and less crowded.

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