SafeTrack in Arlington

Be prepared for maintenance surges. Know your transportation options with the most up-to-date information.

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7 Ways to Improve Employee Retention
7 Ways to Improve
Employee Retention

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Making Transportation Easy

Arlington Transportation Partners provides complimentary business-to-business transportation consulting to reduce single occupancy trips in Arlington County.

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Metro trains, Arlington Virginia, SafeTrack
May 24, 2016

Commute Mode Shift and Evaluating Your Company’s Success

It’s no secret that participants in ATP’s Champions are doing great things when it comes to promoting transportation options to employees, tenants and residents. Programs such as free bike tune ups, transit benefit subsidies and real time digital transportation displays all show a high level of commitment and investment from Champions, who also understand the benefit Read More

Biking on trails, Arlington Virginia
May 17, 2016

How to Bike in Arlington Safely and Confidently

Greater Greater Washington wrote in March how one can bike safely and confidently in the city. The article offers many great tips on pre-planning, how to ride confidently and useful equipment to purchase. To continue to promote biking as a commute option in Arlington, we would like to build upon that list by mentioning all the additional Read More

Bike locker, Arlington, Virginia
May 17, 2016

What are Bike Lockers?

Near almost every Metro station is a series of low gray cases that look something like storage sheds (pictured below, in the red rectangle, at Clarendon Metro Station). Over the last year or so, they have been receiving large yellow and blue stickers that read, “I’m a bike locker!” Well that’s great – but what Read More