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Your business or property can benefit through vanpool transportation and other sustainable transportation programs.

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December 11, 2018

2018 Multi-Family Highlights

2018 was a great year for the multi-family properties involved in Arlington Transportation Partners’ (ATP) Champions program. The multi-family program hit a record high of properties enrolled and even implemented behavior changing programs. Take a look at some of the highlights from our favorite events and achievements of our top level Champions.

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December 7, 2018

Embrace Cold Weather Commuting

I was unprepared for cold and snowy winters when I first moved from California to the East Coast. But a couple of decades later, I’ve learned some tricks to make my car-free lifestyle fairly comfortable when the weather isn’t at its best.

My best tip is to have as many commute options as you have winter gear—an all-weather plan. I bike as often as I can, but I also look up a few bus options for the days I don’t want to bike. It takes a bit of planning ahead, but with the help of Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), you can do it too. Depending on the weather and how you want to get to work, here are a few basics to keep in mind.

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December 6, 2018

3 Ways Gravelly Point is Better with Capital Bikeshare

A long-awaited Capital Bikeshare station was installed at Gravelly Point in December 2018. This means that people riding Capital Bikeshare from Washington, DC, Rosslyn, and Crystal City can finally dock bikes directly at Gravelly Point and enjoy the park without incurring overage fees.

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December 5, 2018

Best Commute Reads of 2018

The #ATPfam are big readers and for most of us, the best time to dive into a new favorite book is on our commute. On the days where we opt for bus or Metro to the office, we always bring a book; delays can’t sour your day if you’re burning through a book. So, what have we been reading?

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December 5, 2018

Bike Lanes Are for E-Scooters Too

Arlington County residents have an increasing number of transportation options to pick from for their commutes. Whether you’re using a dockless bike, an e-scooter, or Capital Bikeshare, it’s important to remain visible when you’re sharing the roads with other vehicles. E-Scooters are still a new mode of transit and are not as common as bikes or motorcycles. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your ride and arrive safely to your destination.

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