Schools Champions

As an Arlington Public School (APS) site, you can be recognized and rewarded for your dedication to sustainable transportation.

Through the APS partnership with Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), your school or site will see immediate benefits, including:

  • Reduction of vehicle traffic around/to school and around neighborhoods
  • Improved employee health, well-being and productivity
  • Increased school sustainability goals
  • Neighborhood and community enhancements
  • Arlington County site plan compliance

As a Schools Champion, you will receive great perks and opportunities to be featured around the County. Every Champion is recognized and rewarded; however, the higher your level, the more benefits your school receives.


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2017-2018 Schools Champions

We are currently welcoming 2017-2018 Schools Champions, enroll now. We are excited to continue to work with Arlington Public Schools to take each Champion to the next level.

Arlington Community High School

Arlington Community High School is an alternative high school for students whose life circumstances have interrupted their schooling. Arlington Community High School seeks to support students in their goal of graduating from high school as well as planning individualized goals for future college and career pathways. Staff and students understand the importance of public transportation, biking and walking as a way to help achieve goals. Arlington Community High School, with a slightly older student population, is a huge and active supporter of Capital Bikeshare and has set a school-wide goal of rapidly moving up Champions levels.

Discovery Elementary School

Discovery Elementary School opened in September for the 2015-2016 school year as the first net-zero school built in Virginia, and only one of three that exists in the United States. It was recently designated a U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School for its efforts in sustainable activities such as recycling and limiting food waste. Discovery Explorers know that transportation plays a major role in sustainability, so being in Champions and promoting walking, biking, carpooling and riding transit comes naturally. Discovery aims for Platinum by embracing a multimodal, green lifestyle.

Oakridge Elementary School

Oakridge Elementary School, a Platinum Champion for two consecutive years, is a vibrant school with students from many states and over 50 countries, representing all seven continents. In 2016, the school had the APS Safe Routes to School bike unit, where all second graders learned to ride bikes. Oakridge created a staff Commuter Lounge, regularly celebrated staff Super Commuters and saw an increase in walking and biking overall. Oakridge was designated a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Business by the League of American Cyclists. Always striving to improve, Oakridge looks forward to a new year of healthy, green transportation.

Barrett Elementary School

Kate Waller Barrett Elementary School has been educating students in the Ballston-Buckingham area since 1939. Barrett Elementary School is a hands-on, science-focused school with almost 50% of its diverse student body walking to school on a regular basis. Staff have also begun to embrace healthy commuting, with an increase in walking and transit ridership. Through Champions, Barrett aims to increase carpooling and make it fun for everyone to walk, bike, ride the bus and share the ride.

H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program

The H-B Woodlawn Program is based on a proposal developed by Arlington students and teachers over forty years ago. The program is designed to give students more control over their education, and prizes self-motivation and self-discipline. Students, chosen by lottery from across the County, make choices in use of time and personal behavior; educational goals; and school governance. By participating in the Champions program, the H-B Woodlawn Program seeks to encourage different transportation choices for students and staff alike.

McKinley Elementary School

McKinley Elementary School, which opened in 1950, is a neighborhood school where staff, families and community members work collaboratively to provide a rich educational experience for students. McKinley students learn Spanish through the APS Foreign Language Elementary School Program (FLES). Other initiatives include the Children’s Theater, a highly acclaimed science fair and the Kaleidoscope project which focuses on integrating the arts throughout the curriculum. McKinley’s success is evident in its growing student body and its growing campus. A school expansion project prompted participation in Champions, as McKinley sought ways to share additional transportation information with its staff and families. Adding transportation links to its website, sharing benefit and amenities information with staff and being engaged with Arlington Transportation Partners has started McKinley on its multimodal journey.

Williamsburg Middle School

The northernmost Arlington middle school, Williamsburg Middle School has been around since 1954. The Williamsburg Wolves were recognized as one of 12 schools in Arlington that earned a 2014 Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) award for advanced learning and achievement. Along with its new neighbor, Discovery Elementary School, Williamsburg encourages biking, walking and carpooling for staff and students to help the environment and to be more active.

Ashlawn Elementary School

Ashlawn is a close-knit neighborhood school and has a well-deserved reputation for being a friendly, caring place where most of the families know each other by name. The diverse student population reflects the changing demographic in Arlington, with families from over 30 different countries and cultures. Located next to Bluemont Park, Bon Air Park and several convenient multiuse trails, Ashlawn has plenty of opportunity for biking and walking. Ashlawn staff and students take pride in taking care of the planet and understand the importance of sustainable transportation.

Drew Model School

Drew Model School is a neighborhood, County-wide elementary school serving the immediate Nauck neighborhood and residents throughout Arlington County. The two instructional programs, Graded and Montessori, focus on the Four A’s – Academics, Appreciation, Accountability and Arts. As a Bronze Level Champion, Drew Model School shares information with staff and families about transportation options, and is looking into increasing biking and walking participation to complement existing activity clubs, such as Girls on the Move.

Randolph Elementary School

Randolph Elementary School is truly a United Nations of learning communities, with students from 41 different countries speaking 20 different languages. Randolph is a neighborhood school allowing most of the students to walk to school. Being in Champions means the Randolph community achieves recognition for its walk-friendliness while it also supports other ways of getting around Arlington.

Schools Champions Criteria

After completing BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD Levels, complete one additional action:

  • Achieve a 10% reduction in staff drive-alone rates
  • Achieve a 20% reduction of parent pickups/drop offs
  • Achieve 30% staff enrollment in the APS Transportation FSA
  • Apply for Best Workplaces for Commuters designation
  • Apply for Bicycle Friendly Business designation
  • Complete 2 additional SILVER Level items
  • Complete 1 additional GOLD Level items

After completing BRONZE and SILVER Levels, complete three additional actions:

  • Commit to 20% reduction of parent pickups/drop offs
  • Conduct National Safe Routes to School student tallies
  • Conduct surveys to tally staff travel modes
  • Earn priority carpool parking signs by creating staff carpools
  • Increase staff enrollment in the APS Transportation FSA
  • Install secure, indoor bike parking for staff
  • Provide covered outdoor bike parking for students
  • Provide gym/changing facilities on site for staff
  • Offer on-site transit training for students

After completing BRONZE Level, complete three additional actions:

  • Contribute content to ATP’s blog, social media or newsletters
  • Engage staff and students in biking, walking and transit (complete at least two actions):
    • Assist the Safe Routes to Schools Coordinator to promote SchoolPools to parents
    • Create a bicycle repair kit to have available for staff and students
    • Host the ACCS Mobile Commuter Store to promote iRide
    • Maintain records of staff participation in bike/walk programs
    • Recognize staff who regularly bike, walk, carpool or take transit as “Super Commuters” on social media, at staff meetings, on bulletin boards or at school assemblies
    • Offer pedestrian and bike basics education as part of health or PE classes
    • Start, maintain or promote after-school bike clubs
    • Support walking buses, bicycle rodeos and other active transportation activities for staff and students
  • Host a wellness, benefits or transportation presentation for faculty and staff with ATP
  • Increase staff carpooling: Host informational carpooling events with ATP; Share the APS Commuter Connections ridematching website with staff
  • Participate in at least three of the following events: Car Free Day (September), Walk/Bike to School Day (October), Bus Safety Week (October), Love the Bus Week (February), Fire Up Your Feet (Spring or Fall), Crossing Guard Appreciation Day (March), National Walking Day (April), Bike/Walk to School Day (May), Bike to Work Day (May)
  • Work towards school-wide goals: Adopt a nearby bus stop; Invite ATP and SRTS to Open House/Back to School Nights; Install display case/brochure holder and/or electronic display screen providing multimodal transportation information and/or set up a bulletin board dedicated to transportation options

Complete three actions:

  • Appoint a volunteer Transportation Coordinator
  • Distribute transportation information to staff, students, parents and visitors: Provide Quick Glances to all staff, update the school’s website to include multimodal transportation information, Include transportation options in event announcements and promotional materials
  • Encourage staff enrollment in the APS Transportation FSA
  • Host an annual ATP meeting and maintain relationship
  • Post Guaranteed Ride Home information in staff common spaces and actively promote
  • Survey staff to update travel patterns

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