Schools Champions

As an Arlington Public School (APS) site, you can be recognized and rewarded for your dedication to sustainable transportation.

Through the APS partnership with Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), your school or site will see immediate benefits, including:

  • Reduction of vehicle traffic around/to school and around neighborhoods
  • Improved employee health, well-being, and productivity
  • Increased school sustainability goals
  • Neighborhood and community enhancements
  • Arlington County site plan compliance

As a Schools Champion, you will receive great perks and opportunities to be featured around the County. Every Champion is recognized and rewarded; however, the higher your level, the more benefits your school receives.


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2018-2019 Champions

We are currently welcoming 2018-2019 Schools Champions, enroll now. We are excited to continue to work with Arlington Public Schools to take each Champion to the next level.

Oakridge Elementary School

Oakridge Elementary School, a Platinum Champion for two consecutive years, is a vibrant school with students from many states and over 50 countries, representing all seven continents. In 2016, the school had the APS Safe Routes to School bike unit, where all second graders learned to ride bikes. Oakridge created a staff Commuter Lounge, regularly celebrated staff Super Commuters and saw an increase in walking and biking overall. Oakridge was designated a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Business by the League of American Cyclists. Always striving to improve, Oakridge looks forward to a new year of healthy, green transportation.

Key Immersion Elementary School

Key School/Escuela Key is a bilingual immersion school in Courthouse that teaches students in English and in Spanish, emphasizing cooperation, creativity and community. Through Champions, Key will expand its cooperation and community by educating staff and students about healthy and green transportation options. By the end of the year, everyone will be as fluent in transportation choices as they are in English and Spanish.

Schools Champions Criteria

After completing BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD Levels, complete this action:

  • Share or update your transportation success story, quote, or school highlight

Complete one additional action:

  • Complete four additional GOLD or SILVER Level items (at least two must be GOLD Level)
  • Refer a new school to Champions and receive credit after their enrollment meeting
  • Consult with ATP and advise on development of future educational materials
  • Achieve a 10% reduction in staff drive-alone rate or the APS Go! goal of 75% staff drive-alone rate
  • Achieve the APS Go! goal of 30% students biking and walking
  • Conduct a project that incorporates staff and student transportation habits throughout the year,
    and present findings to the School Board

Champions 2018-2019 activities must be completed by May 16, 2019.

After completing BRONZE and SILVER Levels, complete three actions:
*Site plan schools must be in compliance with County requirements to achieve Gold Level or higher.

  • Conduct a staff transportation survey, discuss Modeify and transportation goals
  • Participate in an ATP training and/or webinar
  • Increase participation in the APS TDM benefit
  • Form at least one new staff carpool
  • Provide priority carpool parking
  • Host a transit training or vanpool formation meeting for staff
  • Form a new vanpool or add new riders to existing vanpools via Vanpool Connect
  • Provide non-mandated shower and/or locker facilities onsite for staff
  • Provide non-mandated secure, indoor bike parking for staff
  • Create a bike repair kit for staff
  • Awarded Bicycle Friendly Business designation
  • Additional unique program recognized by ATP representative

After completing BRONZE Level, complete three actions:

  • Invite ATP to present to your staff annually
  • Conduct staff travel tallies twice per year
  • Create or enhance changing facilities for staff who bike, walk, or run
  • Create or install a transportation display promoting multimodal transportation options
  • Encourage staff participation in events:
    • Walk/Bike to School Day (October)
    • Bike/Walk to School Day (May)
  • Recognize at least three staff who regularly bike, walk, carpool, or ride transit as Super Commuters
  • Host a bike or pedestrian education event for staff
  • Adopt an ART bus stop
  • Participate in at least one ATP program:
    • Density map
    • Feedback survey
    • Focus group

Complete these actions:

  • Host an enrollment and a follow-up Champions meeting
  • Distribute transportation brochures, Quick Glances, and Guaranteed Ride Home information to staff

Complete one additional action:

  • Promote at least one transportation program or APS benefit to staff:
    • BikeArlington/WalkArlington/CarFreeAtoZ
    • Capital Bikeshare
    • Carsharing/On-demand services
    • Public transportation
    • Vanpool Connect/Carpool Community
  • Include bike, walk, rideshare, and transit information on school/department website

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