Schools Champions

As an Arlington Public School (APS) site, you can be recognized and rewarded for your dedication to sustainable transportation.

Through the APS partnership with Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), your school or site will see immediate benefits, including:

  • Reduction of vehicle traffic around/to school and around neighborhoods
  • Improved employee health, well-being, and productivity
  • Increased school sustainability goals
  • Neighborhood and community enhancements
  • Arlington County site plan compliance

As a Champion, you will receive great perks and opportunities to be featured around the County. Every Champion is recognized and rewarded; however, the higher your level, the more benefits your school receives. Enrollment for Champions 2022 is now open.

Learn more: 2020-2021 Schools Champions | Criteria | Blogs

2021-2022 Champions

Enrollment for Champions 2021-2022 is now open. Contact us to enroll your school.

Champions Criteria

After completing GOLD Level, complete three additional actions:

  • Complete four additional Gold or Silver Level items (at least two must be Gold Level)
  • Implement of the following parking management strategies:
    • Implement a new parking fee
    • Implement a daily parking fee
    • Provide a parking cash out
    • Provide a daily incentive for non-parking modes
  • Implement a new program or benefit based on transportation survey
  • Install non-mandated free, covered, secure bike parking (Class I)
  • Achieve or maintain a Bicycle Friendly Business designation
  • Form a new vanpool or add three riders via Vanpool Connect
  • Refer a new school to Champions and receive credit after their enrollment meeting
  • Utilize address-level data to identify commuting opportunities at your school
  • Pilot ATP student multimodal curriculum Remake Your World
  • Conduct a project that incorporates staff and student transportation habits throughout the year and present findings to the School Board

Recognition at this level:

  • All BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD Level rewards
  • Exclusive invite to and recognition at annual Arlington County Board meeting
  • Recognition in 2 national publications
  • Recognition of business in/on transit and associated locations

After completing SILVER Level, complete three additional actions:

  • Provide free, pre-loaded SmarTrip cards to employees
  • Conduct an employee commute and benefits survey, discuss recommendations
  • Participate in an ATP training webinar, or vanpool formation meeting for staff
  • Increase participation in the APS TDM benefit
  • Create a bike repair kit for staff
  • Provide annual Capital Bikeshare corporate memberships
  • Achieve a Commuter Connections Employer Recognition award
  • Create carpool program for staff
  • Provide dedicated carpool parking

Recognition at this level:

After completing BRONZE Level, complete three additional actions:

  • Invite ATP to present to your staff
  • Create or install a transportation display promoting multimodal transportation options
  • Provide non-mandated shower and/or storage facilities onsite for staff
  • Provide zip code data for an employee commute map
  • Invite ATP to a wellness or benefits event
  • Participate in or promote an ATP event:
    • Walk to School Day
    • Bike to School Day
    • National Walking Day
    • Our Shared Street
  • Participate in at least on ATP program:
    • Density Map
    • Feedback survey
    • Focus group

Recognition at this level:

  • All BRONZE Level rewards
  • Recognition in 3 local publications

Complete all these actions:

  • Host an enrollment meeting and a follow up Champions meeting
  • Establish a transportation coordinator
  • Distribute transportation packets, including quick glances, guaranteed ride home, etc.
  • Promote at least two transportation options or programs:
    • BikeArlington/WalkArlington
    • Capital Bikeshare
    • Carsharing/Ridesharing
    • Public Transportation
    • Vanpool Connect

Recognition at this level:

  • Featured Champion on ArlingtonTransportationPartners.com
  • Access to Champions Press Kit (logos, press releases, case studies)
  • Receive framed Champions award certificate

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