Receive more information on transit options and benefits by downloading the commuter information guides below. We offer resources for employers, schools, hotels, and residential and commercial properties.

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Organization Guides


Download commuter information guides and learn about ways to improve your employees’ commute. We offer resources to assist in implementing telework programs, planning for emergencies, and relocation. Our guides also provide a closer look into the benefits of integrating commuting services like improving employee retention and cost saving.

download the understanding the commute toolkit

Download our Workplace Return Checklist

Download our flexible workplace guide

Download the Telework Management Guide

Download Commuter Benefits


Click to download Telework Program Guide

Download our Emergency Prep Guide

Property Guides

Commercial and Site Plan

Get transportation information for commercial properties. Explore commuting options such as carpooling, vanpooling and biking. Our guides explain how you can implement these commute options through creating enrollment plans, secure bike parking, and parking spaces for vanpools and carpools.

Download the PDS pre-site checklist for your annual site visit

Download the Relocation Services Flyer

Download the PTC Resource Guide PDF

Download Arlington Bike Parking Standards


Download Transit Information Display Standards

Download Carpool/Vanpool Guide for PTCs

Multi-Family Residential

Explore transportation options for your residents. Download our residential commuter information guides to learn how you can incorporate Arlington Transit (ART), the metro rail and capital bikeshare into your property.

Explore our ART Bus Toolkit and download materials for your properties

Explore the Multi-Family Residential Toolkit for Capital Bikeshare

Explore the Multi-Family Residential Metro Toolkit

Download our Front Desk Guide


We provide many useful transportation information guides for Arlington hotels. Learn everything you need to know about transit in Arlington and surrounding regions to help your guests and staff. We also offer visitor guides for those traveling to important Arlington Memorial locations like Iwo Jima and Arlington Cemetery.


Explore the Front Office Guide for Hotels

Download the Memorial Guide for Arlington National Cemetery

Download the Memorial Guide for Iwo Jima