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Transportation Demand Management for Hotels

Our transportation demand management (TDM) program for hotels is two-fold, featuring services and benefits for both hospitality staff – as well as training for concierges.

While traditional commutes are most common with the majority of Arlington employers, hotel staff often work the other 9-to-5 (9 p.m. to 5 a.m.). Regardless of working hours, our TDM program connects hotel employees with a variety of traditional and non-traditional commute options. Additionally, our TDM programs for hotels includes training services for concierge teams so they can help visitors understand their best transit options for tourism.

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TDM Services for Hotels

commuters at rosslyn bus bay

The coming and goings surrounding a hotel greatly impact the County and the influx of congestion in some of Arlington’s busiest hubs. By understanding the commute patterns of employees and the travel needs of visitors, we can mitigate transportation issues.

We work with your HR department to improve transportation amenities, education, and benefits – giving your hotel a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining the best candidates for employment. Plus, current hotel staff will be able to access customized transportation programs, assistance with carpool/vanpool formation, and education on efficient transit options.

Visitors to your hotel can also benefit from our TDM services with our customized transportation materials and information, transit brochures and maps, and Capital Bikeshare training. We can also train your concierge team to expertly assist your hotel’s visitors on transit options during their stay.