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Working with Arlington Public Schools (APS), Schools programming directly supports the APS GO! initiative to encourage healthier, safer, and sustainable transportation options.

Through Arlington Transportation Partners’ (ATP) partnership with APS, more than 40 schools and sites are able to reduce the amount of vehicle traffic and parking congestion in Arlington, alleviating the strain on community resources.

We are committed to assisting APS in creating transportation programs that meet the unique needs of each school.

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Kid/Parent waiting at bus stopHow staff commute to school greatly impacts an entire community, from the students to the surrounding neighborhoods, especially since our surveys show that most APS staff live in the same zip code area as their school. ATP’s transportation services help create a better school community through reduced congestion, improved air quality, and better transit benefits.

APS staff can reap the benefits of reducing commute stresses, building rapport with colleagues outside of school environments, and setting a good example to students by taking a sustainable mode of transportation. We work with your school to educate staff of mobility amenities and options, implement carpooling or vanpooling initiatives, and make active transportation a more feasible form of commuting for anyone.

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