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I-66 Commuter Information

The I-66 corridor now operates strictly as express lanes during peak travel hours and these changes may affect your employees and your business. Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) can assist your company or property in understanding I-66’s dynamic tolling system – helping your employees and tenants learn the best ways to travel I-66 inside the beltway.

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Similar to I-95 express lanes, I-66 operates under dynamic tolling with no max toll. All drivers must have an E-ZPass® mounted in the car to use the express lanes.

Dynamic tolls

When a toll is “dynamic,” the fee to use the lanes is determined by the volume on the roads and demand for the lanes. The suggested toll aims to maintain a free-flow speed of 45 mph. Drivers will see two pricing signs before committing to the express lanes. Once a driver enters the lane, the toll price is locked in place.

I-66 Hours for Dynamic Tolls

Dynamic tolls are in effect Monday to Friday at rush hours:

  • Eastbound: 5:30-9:30 a.m.
  • Westbound: 3:00-7:00 p.m.

The lanes will be free for all users during off-peak periods, including weekends and holidays.

E-ZPass® Required for I-66 Express Lanes

E-ZPass® transponders are available at Arlington County Commuter Stores, the DMV, AAA, and at some grocery stores. The purchase price is $35, which includes $15 available for use after a driver registers the transponder.

For more information about E-ZPass, or to register your transponder, visit or call 877.762.7824.

Standard E-ZPass® vs. E-ZPass® Flex™

  • Standard – best option if you are most likely to drive alone.
  • Flex* – best option if you are most likely to use HOV lanes (toll is free for flex users with vehicles transporting 2+ people)

*There is a fee if you do not use your flex within the first six months.