Relocation Services

Arlington Transportation Partners’(ATP) relocation services is a complimentary service offered to incoming and existing Arlington County employers.

Relocation assistance helps reduce employee turnover, educates employees about transportation options to the new work location, and maintains employee satisfaction before, during, and after a move or relocation.

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Employers, commercial office property managers, and real estate brokers can take advantage of services provided to relocating businesses in Arlington. Whether to retain valuable employees, or attract a new tenant to the neighborhood, ATP can assist with a smooth transition.

Relocation Services Marketing MaterialsServices:

  • Employee surveys to identify commuting opportunities or concerns
  • Customized information sheets, maps, digital guides, and other materials that include information about transportation options
  • Evaluation and recommendations on company benefits and incentives (i.e., transit benefit, telework program, and parking management strategies)
  • Employee events to share information on nearby transportation options
  • Ride match and commute plan assistance for employees
  • Ongoing support and guidance before, during, and after a relocation