Vanpool Connect

In an effort to get more people interested and educated in vanpool transportation, Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) has teamed up with local vanpool providers, to help people secure an easy and affordable commute both into and out of Arlington County.

Commuter vanpools are eligible for the transit benefit (up to $260/month), as defined by the IRS.

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Incentives & Benefits

Vanpool Connect


For riders that live or work in Arlington County, ATP is offering a $50/month credit for your first six months as a new rider in a vanpool or $50 to each rider in a newly started vanpool. Also, people who refer friends to a vanpool can receive a one-time $50 reward!


Commuter vanpools benefit from being high-occupancy vehicles (HOVs) and can use all HOV lanes and roads. Vanpooling can help reduce stress on your commute by avoiding traffic and giving you a direct connection with limited stops and time to do other activities (read, sleep, etc.).

Vans can be customized to have perks such as WiFi and satellite radio. Most importantly, you can even use your commuter benefits to help pay for your vanpool transportation (up to $260/month).