SafeTrack TRB 2016 Submissions

Communicating SafeTrack and Positively Impacting Public Health

In May 2016, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) announced SafeTrack, an expedited safety and repair program that would consolidate three years worth of Metrorail track work into a single year. The impacts on the region and commuters were significant, leaving many people unsure about their daily commutes. In an effort to assist Arlington County businesses and residents, Arlington Transportation Partners set out to simplify each surge outlining both the implications and the options available.

The primary goal of our SafeTrack initiatives were to help every day commuters and businesses understand their options while making sure people didn’t default to single occupancy vehicles. While many of the options presented are specifically tied to active transportation and health improvements, many options like vanpool, telework and bus options correlate with stress reduction during a difficult, year long situation.

With SafeTrack in progress since June 4, the following digital and print materials have been created to support the goals of Arlington County Commuter Services and the overall initiative of Arlington Transportation Partners – making transportation easy.

SafeTrack Metrics

Measuring impact and return on investment can be a difficult task in any industry; however, Arlington Transportation Partners strives to create pieces that can be measured digitally, while testing print outreach methods that don’t have an instantaneous metric. Below is a snapshot of our digital metrics captured to date, since the launch of SafeTrack on June 4, 2016.

SafeTrack Digital Metrics

Digital Media

SafeTrack Page Preview

SafeTrack Resource Page

Dedicated page with updated surge information, including active/alternative transit options for commuters traveling to Arlington County.
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SafeTrack FAQ Download Preview

SafeTrack FAQs

Download available to help Arlington employees and employers through SafeTrack surges. Includes telework and rideshare information.
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SafeTrack Options Preview

SafeTrack Transportation Options

Download to help commuters understand the best options during SafeTrack, including telework, rideshare and active transportation.
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Vanpool Guide Preview

Vanpool Connect Guide

Guide to understanding ridesharing and Arlington’s reward program, Vanpool Connect. Includes benefits and sign-up information.
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SafeTrack Blogs Preview

SafeTrack Blogs

Blogs to help commuters understand each surge and how it affects their commute.
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SafeTrack Emails preview


Targeted emails sent to clients to help employees and tenants prepare for each surge.
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SafeTrack Surge Maps

Surge Maps

Visual download for commuters, showing affected surge locations with available bus, bike and transit options.
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SafeTrack Join a Vanpool page

Standalone site created to help match Arlington-based commuters with active vanpools in the DC Metro region.
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