Residential Champions

Residential communities in Arlington County can be recognized and rewarded for their leadership and dedication to transportation programs when they participate in Champions. No matter what your community looks like—with 15 units or 150, a garden apartment building or luxury high rise—there are so many ways to become a Champion and to make an impact.

Through your partnership with Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), your property will see immediate benefits, including:

  • Recruitment and retention of residents
  • Operational cost savings
  • Improved resident health, well-being and satisfaction
  • Community involvement and visibility
  • Competitive advantage and increased marketability
  • Environmental stewardship

As a Champion, you’ll receive great perks and opportunities to be featured around the County. Every Champion is recognized and rewarded; however, the higher your level, the more benefits your residential property receives.


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2023 Champions

Enrollment for Champions 2023 is now open. Contact us to enroll your company.

Champions Criteria

After completing BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD Levels, complete three additional actions:

  • Provide or subsidize shuttle service or current transit route
  • Provide a non-mandated transportation display and/or real-time digital screen
  • Offer a direct or combination commuter benefit
  • Provide non-mandated free, covered, secured bike parking (Class 1)
  • Implement a new, non-mandated parking fee
  • Host a free tenant bike tune-up event
  • Establish/update building’s bike registration process and donate abandoned bikes
  • Implement a new program based on survey results and goals
  • Achieve or maintain a Bicycle Friendly Business designation
  • Complete a comprehensive, research-based case study
  • Sponsor an ATP event
  • Complete four additional Gold or Silver Level items (at least two must be Gold Level)

Recognition at this level:

  • All BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD Level rewards
  • Exclusive invite to, and recognition at the annual Arlington County Board meeting
  • Recognition of property in/on transit and associated locations
  • Credit of up to $100 towards an Association for Commuter Transportation event, webinar, or membership

Champions 2023 activities must be completed by November 30, 2023.

After completing BRONZE and SILVER Levels, complete four additional actions:

*Site plan properties must be in compliance with County requirements to achieve Gold Level or higher

  • Conduct a resident commute survey, discuss recommendations
  • Adopt an ART bus stop
  • Offer a pre-tax commuter benefit
  • Provide free, non-mandated covered bike parking (Class 2)
  • Host a custom event with ATP
  • Provide free, pre-loaded SmarTrip cards to residents and/or property employees
  • Host a custom presentation or training with ATP
  • Provide annual Capital Bikeshare memberships and/or bulk passes for residents and/or property employees
  • Provide on-site tools and space for bicycle repair
  • Provide/install electric bike charging station
  • Provide on-site carsharing/carsharing memberships for residents and/or property employees
  • Provide scooter charging or parking area on-site
  • Invite ATP to present at a regional-level meeting
  • Refer a new property to Champions and receive credit after their enrollment
  • Complete one additional unique program as identified with ATP representative

Recognition at this level:

  • All BRONZE and SILVER Level rewards
  • Recognition in two local or regional publications
  • Opportunity to be featured as Champion of the Month on
  • Opportunity to be nominated for a regional award from Commuter Connections or the Association for Commuter Transportation

Champions 2023 activities must be completed by November 30, 2023.

After completing BRONZE Level, complete four additional actions:

  • Participate in or promote an ATP event:
    • Bike to Work Day
    • Car Free Day
    • Other ATP community events
  • Provide a telework center or business center
  • Provide electric car charging station
  • Promote transportation amenities and programs during prospect tours and publish information on property site
  • Host a meeting with an ATP partner to identify opportunities
  • Establish property management contact for multiple properties
  • Participate in one ATP program:
    • ATP webinar
    • Networking event
    • Feedback survey
    • Qualifying research opportunity
  • Actively promote and manage mandated facilities at the property

Recognition at this level:

  • All BRONZE Level rewards
  • Social media support on Twitter and Facebook
  • Opportunity to be nominated for a national award from Best Workplace for Commuters

Champions 2023 activities must be completed by November 30, 2023.

Complete these actions:

  • Distribute transportation packets
  • Promote at least two transportation options or programs:
    • BikeArlington/WalkArlington
    • Capital Bikeshare
    • Carsharing/Ridesharing
    • Public transportation
    • Carpool
    • Vanpool

Recognition at this level:

  • Invitation to the annual Champions banquet
  • Featured Champion on
  • Access to Champions Resource Kit (i.e., logos, press releases, case studies)
  • Receive a Champions award certificate
  • Invitation to ATP virtual and in-person events

Champions 2023 activities must be completed by November 30, 2023.

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