Hotels Champions

As a hotelier in Arlington County, your hotel can be recognized and rewarded for your dedication to sustainable transportation programs.

Through your partnership with Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), your company will see immediate benefits, including:

  • Recruitment and retention of employees
  • Operational cost savings
  • Improved employee health, well-being, and productivity
  • Competitive advantage and increased marketability
  • Environmental stewardship

As a Hotels Champion, you’ll receive great perks and opportunities to be featured around the County. Every Champion is recognized and rewarded; however, the higher your level, the more benefits your company receives.


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2018 Hotels Champions

Enrollment for Champions 2018 is open, join now. We are excited to continue to work with properties to take each Champion to the next level in 2018.

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Hilton Garden Inn Arlington/Courthouse Plaza

The Hilton Garden Inn in Courthouse is a model employer that goes above and beyond when it comes to considering transportation options for employees and guests. The hotel joined Champions at the Bronze Level and has set an ambitious plan for rising to the Platinum Level before the year end. The big challenge will be getting a transit benefit in place but management at the hotel is engaged and recognizes the numerous benefits that come along with simplified commuting. ATP’s customized Quick Glance is very popular with the front desk staff – they use it all the time to assist hotel guests with their transportation questions! The hotel already has flex time, telework and gym expense reimbursement policies in place so the future certainly looks bright for the Hilton Garden Inn in Courthouse!

No Current Champions

No Current Champions

2018 Hotels Champions Criteria

After completing BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD Levels, complete this action:

  • Share or update your property’s transportation success story, quote, or building highlight

Complete three additional actions:

  • Complete four additional GOLD or SILVER Level items (at least two must be GOLD Level)
  • Offer a direct or combination transportation benefit
  • Complete follow-up actions identified from transportation survey results and goals
  • Form a new vanpool or add three riders to existing vanpools via Vanpool Connect
  • Awarded Bicycle Friendly Business designation
  • Provide rental bikes to guests at no charge
  • Sponsor an ATP event

Champions 2018 activities must be completed by November 30, 2018.

After completing BRONZE and SILVER Levels, complete three actions:
*Site plan properties must be in compliance with County requirements to achieve Gold Level or higher.

  • Conduct an employee transportation survey, discuss Modeify and transportation goals
  • Offer up to $260/month pre-tax transportation benefit
  • Offer a pre-tax parking benefit, instead of free parking
  • Host vanpool formation meetings
  • Set up a carsharing (Zipcar, car2go) or ride hailing service (Uber, Lyft) business account
  • Provide free non-mandated SmarTrip cards for new employees
  • Provide annual Capital Bikeshare corporate memberships
  • Provide shuttle service to transit or subsidize/extend a current transit route
  • Awarded a Commuter Connections Employer Recognition Award
  • Promote and provide an online rate offering for one of the following transportation options
    • 24-Hour Capital Bikeshare passes
    • SmarTrip cards
  • Additional unique program as determined by ATP representative

After completing BRONZE Level, complete three actions:

  • Awarded Best Workplaces for Commuters designation
  • Invite ATP to present at a daily executive or all staff meeting
  • Adopt an ART bus stop
  • Provide secure indoor bike parking for employees and visitors
  • Provide locker, shower, and changing room facilities on site or subsidize local gym memberships
  • Invite ATP to a wellness or benefits event
  • Invite ATP to conduct a Front Office transportation training
  • Participate in/promote at least one of the following events
    • National Walking Day (April)
    • Bike to Work Day (May)
    • Our Shared Street Pop-Up (August)
    • Car Free Day (September)
  • Participate in at least one ATP program
    • Density map
    • Feedback survey
    • Focus group

Complete these actions:

  • Host an enrollment and a follow-up Champions meeting
  • Establish a Hotel Transportation Coordinator (HTC) for the property
  • Distribute transportation brochures, Quick Glances, and Guaranteed Ride Home information to employees and visitors
  • Promote at least two transportation options or programs to employees
    • BikeArlington/WalkArlington/CarFreeAtoZ
    • Capital Bikeshare
    • Carsharing/On-demand services
    • Public transportation
    • Vanpool Connect

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