Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) works with employers, commercial properties, multi-family residential communities, Arlington Public Schools, and hotels in Arlington County. We provide a customized approach to each industry at the organization-level to solve your transportation needs and answer questions.

With the goal of decreasing traffic congestion throughout Arlington County, we work closely with you to develop transportation demand management (TDM) programs tailored to the needs of your organization’s HR department, staff, and visitors.

Explore TDM Programs:


Commuter benefits programs are a boon to both employers and employees alike. Organizations can save on cost while improving their employees’ commute and productivity. We provide free consultation to help you create a transportation program that will meet your needs. Learn more about how ATP can help your business set up an employer TDM program.

Property & Development

We work with the real estate community in Arlington County to reduce the impact of development on the local transportation systems. ATP can provide free consultation through our property and development TDM program for your commercial or residential tenants.